Monday, August 31, 2009

The Take down

It's like I really wanna fly but they've clipped my wings,

Then they sealed my mouth, so I cannot sing

Placed me under the Atlantic so I could not breathe

And then sowed my eyelids so I could not see

But I'll never throw in the towel stop fighting you see,

cause I won't let them stop me from reaching my destiny
Hey everyone its me again, just putting up another little poem for you all. Read it whenever you need to be encouraged and such okay? Remeber, God has a plan for you and I and he'll never allow you to be defeated by your enemies :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello again

Hello everyone once again, it's me Camron. Haven't posted anything in awhile and I blame summer lol. I'm trying to spend my last days of Summer the best ways I can so I haven't been focused on writing srry :D. But don't worry I will continue later on this week (And hopefully get to tell more people about my site lol) So I will be putting up more story's and poems up soon so stay tuned and tell others about my site. Thank you, God bless.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

~The Death of a Friendship~

How can a friendship fall apart so easy,
Like a house made of twigs when the wind gets breezy
The death of a friendship that seemed to stand so tall,
Kind of makes you wonder if they were a friend at all
Now instead of words of friendship all they give is cold stares
Pierces the heart, like a bullet in mid-air
The one who you thought really cared
Only to see that they treat you as if your not there
Feels like you can't breathe, like your lungs are smothered by smoke
The fights in the fire get so hot that you just might choke
Its sad like a butterfly that knows not how to fly,
Or a boy watching a puppy die...that's you and I
Hey everyone it's me Camron. Didn't mean to depress you with this sad poem, I assure you my other writings will not all be like this :). I'm going to be writing alot of different genre's including Romance, Comedy, Adventure, Drama, and of course Sad stories such as this one. Anyways I hope you stick around on my page, I'll be updating whenever.
Also if you have time check out my friend NeNe's Blog: She's an amazing photographer and her writings are simply fantastic. Please check her out kay? Also If you have a twitter you can follow me: . Peace!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Welcome to Camron's view

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my blog site "Camron's View". On this site I will be doing some story telling which I will usually (meaning if I feel like it lol) post a picture with. My stories don't always involve real people or real events but sometimes they might have to do with a particular experience I've had. Thank you again for viewing my page, hope you stick around :)