Friday, May 14, 2010

Love calling...

I sat under the tree in my backyard waiting for him to call me. He said he would and I believed he would so I sat there, waiting for my phone to ring. I waited hours upon hours for it to ring. I paced back and worth in front of the old oak tree with my phone in hand; flipping it over and over. Occasionally I would check my screen to make sure I hadn’t missed it or something. I made sure that it wasn’t on silent and often wondered if my phone had been broken. Eventually I sat down and stared at the azure blue sky. It was such a beautiful color; the same color as your eyes. I watched as the clouds passed. I kept my phone on my chest waiting for it to vibrate and send shivers into my heart. It didn’t ring. Soon the beautiful blue sky turned to orange and from orange to purple until it was eventually black. I sat their under the moon light as a tear fell down my cheek. You didn’t call me at all. I waited all day for you and you couldn’t even pick up the phone to tell me-

“Happy Birthday.” I heard a voice say near the yard gate. I got up and went to it, still crying a little. There you were, in your black zip sweater and a blue box with a white ribbon on it. I smiled like a mad woman as tears ran down my face.
“I thought you had forgotten about me” I uttered still choking on my tears.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you worry. Please don’t cry” he said in his soft comforting voice which wrapped around me like a warm blanket. I embraced him and he embraced me.
“I hope you like the gift I bought you Allona” he said in my ear.
“The only gift that matters to me is your heart Allen” I said. He smiled and I smiled as well. We then shared a kiss in the light of the summer moon as fireflies surrounded us. It was as if the stars themselves had come to give their Happy Birthday wishes to me, but they didn’t seem to understand that my wish had already come true…
The End

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Reviving Hearts

Love gives way
And hearts do fall
Love is painful all in all

Yet though hearts break
In parts so small
Hearts repair when new love calls

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hearts Broken

I felt empty, lost and scared. The one who meant so much to me had kicked me out of their life. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to cry yet I had no tears. I wanted to yell but my voice had left me. I just stood there as I held my hand next to the dark void where my heart used to be. Now it was gone. She was gone. I was confussed, my stomach began to turn. Having her out of my life felt like I had some type of terminal illness. The more I thought about it the more dismal my outlook became. My fingers tips began to turn cold and my lips pursed shut. I didn't move, I just watched. As the love of my life walked away into the distance. I would have pursued her if there had not been a wall she fixated in between us. All I could do was listen to the sound of her foot steps fading in the distance. Pitter patter pitter patter....

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I close my eyes and let loose all my cares,

the stars guide my path the moon light's my stairs
I reach to the lands where all things are fair,

gone to my dream land, say you'll be there.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Dream of You

I dreamed of us walking in the park holding hands on a beautiful summer day. As we walked we talked about life and all of it's wonders. We took pictures of trees and all the beautiful flowers we came across. I picked one up and put it in your hair; you smiled at me and I smiled back. We continued down the path and sat at a bench to look at the azure blue sky. Your eyes sparkled in the sun in much splendor, a sight that could make one heart melt. We pointed to the lovely cloud formations in the sky and made our childish estimates of what we thought they resembled. After awhile we got up and continued down the cobble stone path. We continued to walk until we made it the most gorgeous beach any man has ever seen. We gazed at the emeral waters as it flowed gently. We watched as the fish swam together in untrackable patterns. It truly was the most wonderful sight to behold, but not as wonderful as your smile. Finally evening came and we watched the sunset. A magical array of oranges, purples and pinks mixed in order to create a lovely sunset much better than any painting could attempt to portray. We turned to each other your hands in mine and our eyes met. Just seeing you smile made me smile as well. For awile we just stood there, it was as if time had stopped just for us. Then I silently whispered "I love you". You opened your mouth to speak an inaudible "I love you too." But then you began to fade away like sand in the cool summer breeze as I awoke from my day dream...


Hey everybody it's me again, Camron! Did you miss me? I've been on a pretty long hiatus haven't I? Well I'm finally back to write some more poems and short stories for you leisure.

This poem was inspired by a trip to the park that I took last summer. It was quite beautiful. My dad was doing a photoshoot there so we had time to explore the area. Every place mentioned in the story is real and based on what I saw. The love story was all made up (unforutunately) but it really is about someone but I fear I cannot tell who lol. I hope that you all stay with me as I take you on various journeys into my mind. God Bless